Informal usage workshops - would this be a good idea?

  • Community Helper

    Hi everybody, I'm Doctor Ni... uh, anyway.

    What do you guys think about the idea of informal 'workshops' for people in your local area, to help them understand usage and see the rings work on various devices?
    Even if it's just meeting up with one or two people down at the pub or coffee shop or whatever and showing them how the rings work with your device of choice, and perhaps checking theirs for readability?
    I'm assuming of course that you've got it all sorted out in your mind and are happily using your ring already.

    It would help people's understanding of how the rings function and what they can reasonably expect from them. It would also help if they're having issues and you were able to help verify whether it is their ring (yours works on their phone) or their phone or whatever they're using.
    Something like this could help John and the team out by lowering the return rate and lessening the strident calls of 'broken! not work!'

    I am in Adelaide, Australia but frequently travel east to Horsham, Victoria if there is anyone here there or in between who does need some help.
    My next trip east will be around Easter time.

    So speak up, offer your help for people in your area or request help in your area. We might be able to match some people up and sort out a few issues.