NFC Phone Unlocking?

  • Hi guys I 'm new here, just bought the ring waiting for May shipment. Would like to know more info about NFC Phone Unlocking for Windows Phone 8/8.1 or any other extra feature that we can share? :)

    edit:- I'm sorry i think i have posted in the wrong section of the foum, if any mod would kindly move it to the correct location ? Thanks.

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    Hi IccyAsd
    Du to limitations of the Windows Phone 8 API it's not possible to unlock the phone with the NFC Ring. Only Microsoft knows when and if they add this possibility to Windows Phone 8 or further versions of the OS.
    The official NFC Ring Control app is in the Windows Phone 8 store and has the same functionality as the Android version of it.

  • Ic, Thanks for the info.

    That's disappointing, lets hope WP8.1 API will allow us to unlock our phones.

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    Anyone who wants this functionality added would do best to badger Microsoft about it. They'll only ever add things that people are clamoring for, or perceived to be in need of.